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Membres du Visual Cognition Group




Catherine Tallon-Baudry, PI

Email : catherine.tallon-baudry ens.fr



Mariana Babo-Rebelo

Email : mariana.babo-rebelo@ens.fr

Mariana arrived in January 2013, to prepare her PhD. She tries to determine whether neural responses to bodily signals influence the orientation of spontaneous thoughts.

Stephen Whitmarsh

Email : stephen.whitmarsh@ens.fr

Stephen is a post-doctoral fellow who joined the group in December 2015. Stephen works on the links between mind-wandering, cortical excitability, and the gastric rhythm.

Victor Pitron

Email : victorpitron@yahoo.fr

Victor is a visiting PhD student in the group since September 2015 and psychiatrist trainee. Victor works on the sense of agency and how it might depend from cardiac feedback.

Kayeon Kim

Email: kayeonlo@gmail.com

Kayeon is a post-doctoral fellow testing whether spiking activity in the human amygdala is modulated by heartbeats

Ignacio Rebello

Email : ignacio.rebollo@ens.fr

Ignacio began his PhD wrok in September 2015. He studies how the spontaneous and rhythmical activity of the stomach impacts neural dynamics and functional connectivity in fMRI, and how it influences behavior.

Damiano Azzalini

Email : damiano.azzalini@gmail.com

Damiano is enrolled in the PhD programme of the Ecole des Neurosciences de Paris. He is currently exploring subjective preferences and cardiac reactivity.

Margaux Romand-Monnier

Email : m.romandmonnier@gmail.com

Margaux is our invaluable research assistant, helping on most current projects



Craig Richter - post-doctoral fellow 2013-2015 went on with a psot-doc at ESI in Frankfurt with Pascal Fries

Hyeong-Dong Park - PhD student 2011-2014 went on with a post-doc in Geneva with Olaf Blanke

Samuel Picard - Master Student 2013-14 enrolled a PhD programm in Oxford

Florence Campana - PhD student 2010-2013 went on with a post-doc in Washington with Max Riesenhuber

Anne Urai - Master Student 2012-13, got a PhD position in Hamburg/Amsterdam

Jeroen van Baar - Master Student 2012-13, got a PhD position at the Donders Institute in Nijmegen

St├ęphanie Correia - Master Student 2011-2012, prepared a psychology degree

Nick Balderston  - 2012-2013 visiting PhD student from Milwaukee University

Ying Liu - PhD student 2009-2012, now teaching psychology in Shanghai Sport University