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El Zein, Marwa (Post-doc)

Social Cognition Group, LNC, ENS
First floor, right
29, rue d'Ulm
75005 Paris

Phone: +33-1 44 32 26 38
Fax: +33-1 44 32 29 74
Email: marwaelzein@gmail.com; marwa.el.zein@ens.fr



Perceptual and action-based decision-making about ambiguous emotional expressions

I am currently investigating the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying social perceptual decisions and the impact of contextual information on such decisions. This work combines two fields that have made rapid but independent progress in recent years, decision making and social neurosciences. Particularly, we apply model-based behavioral, physiological (pupillometry) and neural (EEG) analyses to explore how and when contextual factors (e.g., gaze direction, identity, expectations and individual traits) impact the way individuals process and make decisions about relevant everyday stimuli, facial expressions.


El Zein M., Wyart V., Grèzes J., Anxiety dissociates the adaptive functions of sensory and motor response enhancements to social threats. eLife, 2015  http://elifesciences.org/content/4/e10274

El Zein M., Gamond L., Conty L., Grèzes J., Selective attention effects on early integration of social signals: same timing, modulated neural sources. Neuroimage, 2015

Vistoli D., Passerieux C., El Zein M., Clumeck C., Braun C., Brunet-Gouet E., Characterizing an ERP correlate of intentions understanding using a sequential comic strips paradigm. Social Neuroscience, 2015