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Philip, Leonor (PhD student)

Email: leonor.philip@ens.fr


Soussignan, R., Chadwick, M., Philip, L., Conty, L., Dezecache, G., and Grezes, J., Self-relevance appraisal of gaze direction and dynamic facial expressions: Effects on facial electromyographic and autonomic reactions, Emotion, 13(2), 330-337 (2013).

Grezes, J., Philip, L., Chadwick, M., Dezecache, G., Soussignan, R., and Conty, L., Self-relevance appraisal influences facial reactions to emotional body expressions, PLoS ONE, 8(2), e55885 (2013).

Dezecache, G., Conty, L., Philip, L., Soussignan, R., Sperber, D., and Grezes, J., Evidence for unintentional emotional contagion beyond dyads, PLoS ONE, 8(6), e67371 (2013).