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Pouga, Lydia (PhD)

Email: lydia.pouga@ens.fr


Grezes, J., Adenis, M., Pouga, L., and Armony, J., Self-relevance modulates brain responses to angry body expressions, Cortex, (in press), (2012).

Pingault, J., Pouga, L., Grezes, J., and Berthoz, S., Determination of emotional endophenotypes: A validation of the affective neuroscience personality scales and further perspectives, Psychological Assessment, (2011).

Pouga, L., Berthoz, S., deGelder, B., and Grezes, J., Individual Differences in Socioaffective Skills Influence the Neural Bases of Fear Processing:The Case of Alexithymia, Human Brain Mapping, 31(10), 1469-81 (2010).