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Integration of synaptic input in active dendritic trees

Principal investigator(s): Michiel Remme, Boris Gutkin, Mate Lengyel

A current project of mine is concerned with how synaptic input is integrated in active dendritic trees. The classic picture of summation of synaptic input in passive dendritic cables has been strongly challenged over the last decade. Many experimental studies have shown that dendrites are endowed with a wide variety of voltage-dependent ion channels. Particularly interesting is that inputs to the dendrites are able to locally generate spikes. These dendritic spikes can propagate to the soma and lead to a somatic action potential. Obviously these properties greatly influence the integrative properties of the neuron. In a collaboration with Boris Gutkin and Mate Lengyel I'm currently studying how synaptic inputs to active dendrites interact and what kind of computations can be performed.


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