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Fleur Zeldenrust (PhD)

Group for Neural Theory

Département d''Etudes Cognitives
École Normale Supérieure

Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives

Fondation PGG

29, rue d'Ulm
75005 Paris
email fleur.zeldenrust@ens.fr

I am a post-doc researcher at the Group for Neural Theory in Paris. Currently, I am working on understanding how the brain processes information. I do this by combining two approaches: the functional approach of Bayesian inference and the deterministic approach of biophysical models.


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Science doesn't only exist in the lab. I believe that reaching out is an essential part of working in science. Therefore, I co-founded a website with do-it-yourself science for children (click on the image for a link). 

I like travelling and scuba-diving, and taking pictures while doing this (click on the picture right for some examples). One of the things I like most about travelling, is tasting all the exciting food around the world.