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Dipoppa, Mario

Current Projects

Working Memory, Spikes, and Neuromodulation




Dipoppa, M. and Gutkin, B.S., Flexible frequency control of cortical oscillations enables computations required for working memory., PNAS, in press, (2013).
Dipoppa, M. and Gutkin, B.S., Correlations in background activity control persistent state stability and allow execution of working memory tasks., Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 7:00139, (2013).
DiPoppa, M., Krupa, M., Torcini, A., and Gutkin, B., Splay States in Finite Pulse-Coupled Networks of Excitable Neurons, SIAM Journal of Applied Dynamical Systems, 11, 864 894 (2012).
Deslippe, J., Dipoppa, M., Prendergast, D., Moutinho, M.V.O., Capaz, R.B., and Louie, S.G., Electron−Hole Interaction in Carbon Nanotubes: Novel Screening and Exciton Excitation Spectra, Nano Letters, 9(4), 1330-1334 (2009).