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Frontal Lobe Functions Group projects

Information value learning in human prefrontal cortex
Principal investigator(s): Sven Collette and Etienne Koechlin 

I'm interested in voluntary action, meaning the ability to associate actions and environmental outcomes and the flexibility in adapting ones behavior accordingly to our current intentions. I think it is crucial to understand the underlying mechanisms of such action-outcome associations. I'm adapting reinforcement learning and bayesian models to investigate behaviorally value learning in humans, and I use the participants' fMRI data, parametric analyses and various connectivity methods to elucidate the human prefrontal cortex.

Executive and motivational control during decision making 
Principal investigator(s): S. Duverne and E. Koechlin

My primary interest is on the functional contribution of lateral and medial prefrontal cortex (PFC) in executive and motivational control during decision making. Specifically, through the employment of fMRI techniques and functional connectivity analyses, my research projects aim at determining the functions of lateral and medial PFC in action selection, and in identifying how these functions are integrated within a hierarchical structure.