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Stefano Palminteri

Email : stefano.palminteri@ens.fr

Stefano is a post-doctoral fellow under the supervision of Prof. Giorgio Coricelli.

Focus of interests: reinforcement learning, decision theory, model-based fMRI

For more information, please visit: https://sites.google.com/site/stefanopalminteri/home

2008-2012 PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience , University of Pierre et Marie Curie, France (cum laude)

2006-2007  MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience , University of Pierre et Marie Curie, France

2000 – 2006 MSc in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Universita degli Studi di Bologna, Italy (cum laude)

Selected Awards

2013 Best PhD thesis price from the French Society for Neuroscience

2013 Marie Curie Action Intra-Europeean Fellowship (IEF) cor career development

2008-2012 Phd Fellowpship Neuropôle de recherche Francilien (NeRF)

Selected Publications

Palminteri S, Serra G, Buot A, Schmidt L, Welter ML, Pessiglione M. Hemispheric dissociation of reward processing in humans: Insights from deep brain stimulationCortex (2013).

Palminteri S, Justo D, Jauffret C, Pavlicek B, Dauta A, Delmaire C, Czernecki V, Karachi K, Capelle L, Durr A, Pessiglione M. Critical roles for anterior insula and dorsal striatum in punishment-based avoidance learningNeuron (2012).

*Palminteri S, *Clair AH, Mallet L, Pessiglione M. Similar improvement of reward and punishment learning by serotonin reuptake inhibitors in obsessive-compulsive disorder. Biological Psychiatry (2012)

*Worbe Y, *Palminteri S, Hartmann A, Vidailhet M, Lehéricy S, Pessiglione M. Reinforcement learning and Tourette’s syndrome: dissociation of clinical phenotypes and pharmacological treatments. Arch Gen Psychiatry (2011)

Palminteri S, Lebreton M, Worbe Y, Hartmann A, Vidailhet M, Grabli D, Pessiglione M. Dopamine-dependent reinforcement of motor skill learning: evidence from Tourette’s syndrome. Brain (2011)

Schmidt L, Palminteri S, Lafargue G, Pessiglione M. Splitting motivation: unilateral effects of subliminal incentives. Psychol Sci  (2010)

Palminteri S, Boraud T, Lafargue G, Dubois B, Pessiglione M. Brain hemispheres selectively track the expected value of contralateral options. J Neurosci (2009)

Palminteri S, Lebreton M, Worbe Y, Grabli D, Hartmann A, Pessiglione M.  Pharmacological modulation of subliminal learning in Parkinson's and Tourette's syndromes. PNAS (2009)

Pessiglione M, Petrovic P, Daunizeau J, Palminteri S, Dolan RJ, Frith CD.  Subliminal instrumental conditioning demonstrated in the human brain. Neuron (2008)

*Marie-Claire C, *Palminteri S, Romualdi P, Noble F. Effects of the selective neurotensin antagonist SR142948A on 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine-induced behaviours in mice. Neuropharmacology (2008)

* Equal contribution

Book chapters

Reinforcement learning and Tourette’s syndrome. Palminteri S, Pessiglione M. In Advances in the Neurochemistry and Neuropharmacology of Tourette syndrome. Martino, D., Cavanna, A., (Eds.). Elsevier (2013).

Reward processing and conscious awareness. Pessiglione M, Schmidt L, Palminteri S, Frith CD. In Decision Making, Affect, and Learning. Delgado, M., Phelps, E.A., Robbins, T.W., (Eds.). Oxford University press, Oxford, UK (2010).